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Floral Decor for the Office

Calming and Restorative.  Our Corporate Floral Decorating Service ensures that your business clients and personal guests alike are embraced by a relaxed and welcoming environment.  By combining the right planters and plants, we help to create a stunning and original work environment .  Everyone benefits from bringing a bit of the outdoors inside.  Our beautifully designed and carefully selected plants and florals are sure to instill the calming and restorative powers nature to your indoor environment.  Contact us at 908 723 8208 or email us for more information. 

Interior Commercial Decor

Having plants in the work place provides a great, relaxed environment.  Call us to help customize your commercial space.  We will provide you with the guidance you need to choose the right plant, and we can provide you with a maintenance package as well.  Contact us at (908) 723 8208 or email us to discuss your next indoor, commercial project.  

corporate office plants decor succulants
outdoor commercial planters for office and corporations

Exterior Commercial Decor

Your image is important.  Let us help you create the right impression with our exterior decorating service. Our service is complete and detailed. Made to emphasize your brand. We match beautiful, top quality containers with the right plant and flowers.  Ideal for your entrance space, lobby and rooftop terraces.  We also provide maintenance packages for all of our installations.  Call us at (908) 723 8208 or email us to discuss your next outdoor commercial project.  

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