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Our Covid-19 Policy

Floral Designing...  our new normal... 


The Corona virus has changed the way we need to order,  purchase, process, design and deliver our florals.

Our flowers are ordered and purchased online, over the phone, or in person.  Pre-Corona, it was very much a hands-on process and while this is no longer available, we do visually go through a quality control of all our florals before accepting all orders. Also, our great relationship with the wholesale community and growers, helps to ensure quality products.

Once the flowers are in our studio, we process them, we process them using a homemade water/bleach/sugar solution to kill off any bacteria while feeding and hydrating the florals.   Our floral refrigerator is continuously cleaned.

Wearing a mask and gloves is now standard practice while designing.  All of our containers and vases are cleaned inside and out with a bleach soap detergent and, in the case of planters, the outside is wiped down.

Our studio has a wall mounted hand sanitation dispenser and it is mandatory to wash your hands with soap and water after each order is made.

All of our deliveries are made wearing a mask and gloves and they are contact free.  We call ahead to ensure someone is available to accept the delivery and we will leave the florals at the door, office desk, or at the pre-arranged location.

Please feel free to contact us for clarification on any of these points. 

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