About our Residential Services


Welcome home, we offer you a wide of variety of services to bring plants and flowers into your home.  We welcome the chance to meet and discuss our monthly floral subscriptions - new flowers, beautifully arranged and delivered to you weekly; floral arrangements for your private parties or decorating the exterior and interior of your home with container gardens.  We also provide an onsite holiday decoration service which can help you during the busy holiday season.  Contact us at 908 723 8208 or email us for more information and to book one of our services.

floral centerpieces
floral centerpieces
floral centerpieces

Weekly Subscription

We are offering a pay monthly  - weekly delivered subscription service direct to your home or residence. Florals will be delivered once a week and you may select from single variety of florals or a mixed bouquet arrangement.  Call us at (908) 723 8208 or email us.  

For more information on our 

subscription service and our delivery areas please visit our online shop and start your subscription today.

floral home decor
outdoor home decor
plants and succulents

Exterior & Interior Decor

Your home should be a reflection of you. We can help create 

beautifully designed seasonal 

exterior container garden, so that the design narrative effortlessly flows into the interior of your home. Enjoy your outdoor and indoor space with our relaxing decorative plantings.

For more information call us at (908) 723 8208 or email us.

holiday garlands
holiday outdoor home decor

Holiday Decor

Having your home decorated for the holidays brings cheer but it is a lot of work. We can help with some or all of your home decor. We can decorate your exterior and interior with holiday magic. We provide a wide variety of options. From small to large scale decorations.  For more information or to book a holiday installation call us at (908) 723 8208 or email us

holiday home decor