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Corporate Services

Creatively offering you a wide range of services.  We are happy to meet with you to discuss how we can implement a corporate floral solution that best fits your brand and location.  As a fully insured florist we can provide you a customized weekly floral subscription; floral decor for private parties and events; and decorate the exterior and interior of your locations.  We also provide an onsite holiday decoration service.​  Contact us at 908 723 8208 or email us for more information and to book one of our services.

office flowers orchids
office flowers delphiniums
office flowers cornucopia

Weekly Subscriptions

Start your Monday morning with a joyful welcoming experience of weekly customized florals.  Our turnkey service includes gorgeous designs complemented by our selection of vases and containers making the arrangement a showpiece for customers and employees.  Call us at (908) 723 8208 or email us.  

cacti and succulents
outdoor planters
cacti and succulents

Exterior & Interior Decor

Making that first impression count 

and making the impact last is what we aim for when designing exterior decors that transition into the interior spaces. For more information call us at (908) 723 8208 or email us.

holiday office decor
holiday office centerpieces

Holiday Decor

Bringing joy and merriment to the work space during the holidays.  We provide complete package installations from small to large 

scale designs to fit your office space, culture, and brand.  For more information or to book a holiday 

installation call us at (908) 723 8208 or email us

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