Philadelphia Flower Show

2022: In Full Bloom
What's on Your Mind?


The Show’s theme In Full Bloom connotes good health, positive well-being, and a passion for life that culminates in a gorgeous and colorful spectacle. Visitors encountered outdoor gardens at the peak of seasonal perfection and beauty that inspired everyone to plan for a better tomorrow. 

Polycarp's Installation, titled "What's on Your Mind?," invited viewers to reflect on their own mental health and wellness and that of others, both within and outside their communities.  The piece, which featured stunning silhouettes created by Volume 11 DesignWorks, won a gold medal  at the show.


2021: Habitat
Plight of the Blue Capped Hummingbird


2021 was Polycarp Flowers first year exhibiting at the Philadelphia Flower Show, which was held at FRD Park in Philadelphia.  We were part of the floral sculpture invitational and had a great time creating and installing our entry.  Studio 43D created the frames for our wonderful hummingbird and larger-than-life tubular flowers. For the body of the hummingbird, we used over 500 mini succulents that we inserted into sphagnum moss. The wings and tail are made from lemon leaf and the head is made with lavender, dried lattice and other botanicals, The beak is our secret.  The flowers are made with carnations, moss, ty leaf and spray roses.  The sculptures are nestled in a pollinators dream garden.

 The frame of our sculptures was designed and made by the awesome talented staff @Studio43D 

Check out the video of our exhibition below, and tell us what you think of "Cappy" our blue capped hummingbird!